Pebble Lane Bracelet Pattern - Free CzechMates Patterns With Any Order

CMP1-PEBBLE - Pebble Lane Bracelet Pattern


This pattern from Starman Trendsetter Akiko Nomura uses: 51 CzechMates beams colour A and 26 colour B, 4 CzechMates cabochons in each of colours A, B and C, 12 CzechMates bars, 12 3mm melon or other rounds, 24 3mm English cut or other rounds, 12 4mm rounds, 12 Toho 11/0 rounds, 12 Toho 8/0 rounds, 24 Toho 11/0 demi rounds, 42 Toho 11/0 Takumi LH Rounds and 1 10mm shank button. This makes a bracelet about 6.5 ins long excluding the clasp.